Cave: An avant-garde take on the traditional iPhone docking station.

I work on my Mac a lot. I have little figurines, art, miscellaneous trinkets, and random musings to keep me company. I didn't, however, have a beautiful iPhone docking station that was cohesive with the aesthetic of my current design cave setup. The current marketplace for iPhone docking stations is inundated with plastic, seemingly modern designs, that have no weight or character. One size fits all. Enter Cave. Cave is a modern iPhone docking station that takes a more avant-garde approach to product design. It is modern in form and function. The aesthetic follows the more industrial, utilitarian sensibilities of past.

With influences from modernism, futurism, and Bauhaus, Cave was born. The name cave is derived from the utilitarian nature of a cave. Shelter. Necessity. Functionality. Its own form of beauty. The function of cave is simple: Charge an iPhone. Nothing more, nothing less. Form truly follows function in this case. Cave was cast from low-aggregate, concrete slab. While a somewhat arduous creation process, the end result lends itself to a character unlike that of the current docking stations on the market. As of now, Cave is sitting on my desk, charging my iPhone. Functioning well. Looking beautiful. Pushing originality. Sparking conversation. This is Cave.

"There is no learning without trying a lot of ideas, and failing a lot of times."

Jonathan Ive

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