Make Guitar Pedals. So much sound, so little energy.

Make is a company based out of my room, with an appetite for raw sonic mischief. I have always had a passion for music. In fact, it is probably my biggest passion. With a stint playing music in Nashville, TN, however, I found it easy to get caught up in the business of music. I was playing music and spending a lot of money on new equipment. From guitar pedals, to effects, to weird, obscure instruments, I felt there had to be another way to satisfy my musical appetite. A while back, I asked myself, "Why spend $180 on each pedal I want, just to get one sound?" It never made sense to me. By this time, I had already spent countless dollars on guitar pedals that I would use for one track.

Many of which, I was completely unaware as to if they would have the sonic presence I needed. So, I decided to make my own guitar pedals. Enter Make. Make started with a simple goal. Make beautiful, functional, and customizable guitar pedals, for less. After conception and iteration, I developed a brand identity, including logo design, graphic standards, and brand manifesto, that really brought Make to life. The result was beautiful, functional guitar pedals, made by me. From scratch. With less money. And all in one day. Enjoy!

"Listen all you people that like to move. I got a new, new thing that'll make you move. And go down, down! Hit the floor!"

Ty Segall

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