ripe is a new mobile application that allows you to control your personal home environment. Anywhere, anytime!

Have you ever been away from home, and thought to yourself, I would sure love to adjust the temperature in my house? or I wish I could turn the lights I forgot to turn, off? Maybe you want to lower your home energy usage, or save money on the electric bill, or set the mood in your home before you even arrive. Well ripe is here to help!ripe is a mobile app that allows you to monitor and adjust your home environment remotely. Anywhere, anytime.

Tailor you environment directly from your smart-phone. Control temperature, humidity, pressure, luminosity, and sound for your home at anytime. With a clean, tactile interface, ripe allows for interesting interactions, that visually inform your monitoring settings. The interface is designed to be efficient, functional, and beautiful, allowing you to focus on the more important nuances of your life. With ripe, control is at your fingertips!

Take a look at the short product video for ripe!

Below is a short film showing ripe in action. All filming, editing, art direction, color grading, production, sound design, and concept done by myself, Aaron Tourtellot.

Rob Stone brought in to help shoot cafe scene and interations. All production, including filming and editing, completed in the latter half of one day. I hope you enjoy!

"Design is so simple. That is why it is so complicated."

Paul Rand